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 Site Management

  Key Services

  • Develop and maintain an accurate budget with   the systems and staff in place to execute, monitor and control spending.

  • Design and develop a site suitable for the local environment and landscape  All site plan are drafted to scale using CAD but we can also supply renders to enhance design concepts when required.


  • Site Production: Identify and resource  suppliers equipment and specialised infrastructure.


  • Recognise on-site staffing requirements and deliver a team for the project.  We have the proven capability to amass large on-site teams to deliver events through all sectors.

  • Developing the event build and break schedule and ensure it is maintained by all contractors.

  • Ensure Health and Safety co-ordination between all parties and verify record keeping and safe practices are being upheld.


  • Maintaining the  integrity of the site and develop an event plan with the council, emergency services and security provider from build to break.

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